Friday, March 26, 2010


Jesus is my source of JOY

The very first time I experience Jesus working wonders in my life is when I started studying here in the city. At the age of six my father brought me to the city to study in USC-South Grade School. I departed from our hometown and started a life being away from my grandmother, mama and younger siblings. It was difficult adjusting to the city life. I became very lonely and unhappy. During the first few months of the school year I often get sick maybe because I was not able to adopt right away sudden change of my childhood life. My father often brings me to school very early. I am often the earliest pupil to wait outside of our classroom. Sadness and loneliness increase the moment my father leaves me for work. I usually stayed at the round table and there I will cry silently. I was scared to be alone, besides it gave me a chance to ponder on my family in the province that I miss so badly. The very first person to comfort me was not a teacher, not a guidance counselor, not a classmate, not a school official but a school janitress one of the “floor girls”. I was comforted by her and was assured that I’ll be fine. Reminiscing that experienced made me praise Jesus because I recognize Him empathizing and comforting me, somehow my sadness twisted into gladness. The janitress became my friend. I do not anymore cry early in the morning because I often see her around very early in the morning and she watched over me. Her presence assured me that I’m not alone and that I’ll be safe.

That’s my very first concrete experience of Jesus as a source of Joy. Jesus comes to our aid through those special people whom we think are just ordinary.

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