Saturday, April 2, 2011


On the midnight of December 24, 2010 after their family rosary, the family had their noche buena. While everybody was busy eating, a light yellow butterfly with a combination of circle cream to light brown wings went inside their home and to everyone's surprise stayed in the room of Marianne for a few seconds. The father told everybody that something unusual is happening the butterfly went inside his daughter's room. Marianne reacted that yellow means brighter future, happiness and joy. The following day, the girl together with her sisters visited the village chapel and while they were praying the rosary the same butterfly appeared and was clinging at the altar cover beside Marianne. In her mind she wondered why that yellow butterfly have to appeared in her presence and why circumstance would tell that somehow it is bringing a message for her. She did not bother to interpret the event not until another circumstance happened. Four days after that unusual and mysterious experience Marianne receive a text message from a male-acquaintance whom she met at her best friend's wedding. The guy introduce himself and was serious in getting to know her. After ten days of communicating through mobile they finally met in person, became good friends and later on became lovers. The guy on the other hand said that human instinct dictates him to pursue her. Upon seeing her in the church he feels something pleasing and desirable about her. He prayed for signs asking God to bless his prayers with positive response.

The story above may tell that God do give signs and do sends messages to us. It is of human effort to get the message and work for the desirable interpretation of the signs.