Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's been awhile since my last post. I was kinda busy with my new life since I got married.  I transferred to a new place and it took me a year and a half before I could adjust to a new way of life. I was complaining about the traffic and the three rides I made each day. Pollution is also another problem. I got allergic rhinitis, dry skin and dull hair often.There are also times that I find difficulty getting a ride. The jeepneys are crowded with people and I am often caught in a raise with other passenger just to get a seat. The hassles and hurdles I experienced made me thought of my former home. I missed those days when I only made one ride going to work and going home. I missed the easy life I have had. Sometimes I dream of of getting a car so that I can drive home smoothly and get rid of inconvenience. I did even pray that God will blessed me financially so that I could purchased a second hand vehicle. Thanks to my husband who comforted me every time I get distressed and in tears of my stressful life. It takes time to adjust. It doesn't really happen over night. Adjustment is a long run process and I am very much thankful that I made it. So if it was possible for me, I don't think it would not to you.   Let me inspire you with this quote:

“We set goals or goals set us, a difficult question indeed to solve. Still to simplify, I recommend a walk towards the goal. If you reach the goal good enough! If you don't reach don't ever try to adjust the goals but feel free to adjust your action plans. I know it will work miracle.”
Manish Kathuria