Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FEBRUARY 23, 2009

My neice and I went to Simala Sibonga last Monday, February 23, 2009. It was a planned visit to Mama Mary. I actually was suppose to visit her last January; however it took a month before I could fulfill my plan for various reasons aside from financial constraints. We chose to ride a trycicle instead of the usual motorcycle and on the way to the place the driver of another trycicle run after our vehicle and overtake us then blocked our way. He shouted at our driver in a very angry manner. The reason why he got mad at our driver was that it was supposedly his turn to take the passengers to the shrine but he was outsmarted by our driver. Before their quarrel heightened I decided to get out of the vehicle and take my neice for a walk. So we walked the long way going to the marian monks' place and reach their by 12:00 noon. I did not really mind walking going to the place, it was sort of a sacrifice. My legs did not even feel the pain, the longer it takes to reach the place the more exciting was our journey. Despite that we were wet having to soak ourselves with our sweat we still were able to wear a smile. Perhaps it was only me who feel the joy but somehow I was able to share it with my neice who was at that time complaining we ought to find a ride instead of walking. Nevertheless I noted that day as one of the most beautiful day. It was my mother's 61irst birthday. I was thier offering a sacrifice and prayer for her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009



1. Chef to Go - Q27 ( Hosted by Chef Roberto Pengson ) i just like to watch how Chef Rob prepare the food, the garnishing is really creative and colorful.

2. Shall We Dance - TV5 ( hosted by Lucy Torres Gomez ) i just like the art of dancing.The interaction of body language and emotion. I am delighted at seeing the moves of the pairs dancing with so much grace.




3. Prison Break - CS9 ( main actor : Wenthworth Miller ) i appreciate how the writer wrote the story of this tv series. i find it very intellectually made, the characters are also very good. the depth and message wasn't really about trying to break from a prison cell but trying to break oneself from being imprisoned to hatred, revenge, chaos.








4. Jessica Suho - GMA 7 I appreciate Jessica's effort of digging and researching information from every cornser of the Philippine archipelago. She is a very good, intellectual and active researcher-reporter.

5. Imbistigador -GMA 7 ( Hosted by Mike Enriquez) I just like this segment in GMA tv7. This has brought awareness of the real picture of our society.