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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am very sad tonight. I watched episode 22 (killing your number) of Prison Break Season 4. After solving the Scylla puzzle and giving it to the legal authorities the two brothers Linc and Michael obtain their freedom. Sarra, Michael's lover as well as the two brother's co prison cell breakers were freed through agent Kellerman's aid. After a long time of running, escaping, and getting away from their enemies they finally had their last prison break (breakage from anger and injustice).They live a peaceful life separately. However, the story ended with a reunion after four years. Sarra with her male child from Michael, Linc, Sucre and Agent Mahone met at Michael Scofield's tomb (who died of brain cancer) ............... the scene made me very emotional... i don't want my favorite character die.

I have high regard for the writer, i find him very intellectual in nature the way he created the story but he was too intellectual that he forgot to use his heart. He left the followers of the tv series with a bleeding heart. Nevertheless, congratulations to all Prison Break characters especially Michael Scofield (Wenthworth Miller) for portraying a heroic character.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Lyrics | Laura Pausini lyrics - Loneliness lyrics


I really do not know if i am a good listener or not? I am often caught in a situation wherein people from different walks of life come to me and share their concerns or problems. I do not know most of them but they spend time to talk to me. Most people who are faced with distressing circumstances would always find someone to talked to.They do not really believe that I can solve their problems. They do not think I have the best advice for their problems. Perhaps it is really man's nature to appease their emotional burden by trying to share it to someone. I am not sure if those who came to me were comfortable talking to me but I am sure that they find it helpful when they were able to express what they feel. Problems are not something one can switch on and off that is why most people can't resist at sharing it to others. Some would resort to displacement (they hurt others as a way of compensating their own hurts) and others even would commit suicide just to get away with it. Expressing one's emotional crisis is the primary step of acknowledgment that their is way out or that problems can be manage. It is also a healthy way of telling oneself that problems are temporary. On the other hand listeners must recognize that they can help and even can save lives.

If you are in a situation where someone needs your listening ears then be very much willing to do so. Be a good listener. Allow them to cry, don’t stop them. Crying may provide a great relief for the person. The most important thing to remember in these situations is that you are providing comfort, listening, and trying to help solve a problem. According to Joe L., in listening to someone with a problem, one should let the rules of common sense and logic as guide. Avoid also of letting the event ruin your day or overrule your priorities. Do not play as catcher of problems by trying to divulge yourself with the painful situation, empathize instead. Recognize that you’re only temporarily turning your attention to someone’s problem. Once the problem has been addressed, then return to your daily schedule.

Be very grateful that you are able to help.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Saying hello with a smile in your face is one way to uplift the spirit of the people you are meeting whether in the external or virtual world. According to saying hello is an acknowledgment of existence. It is a pause, however brief, to affirm another person's worth. In return, you become a person to them, too. According to research saying hello can raise productivity. A study on the topic had teachers in middle school greet their students individually every month. The short interaction raised the students' productivity by 27 percent. Studies have also shown that saying hello can save marriage. Common courtesy isn't that common. When did you last say hello to your spouse?

Of course don't ever forget to say hello to yourself each morning. You are the person who need it most.