Thursday, July 24, 2008


We were in deep sorrow last month. My uncle died and three days after his death, we received news that my niece and her mother were one of the passengers of the wrecked ship. Up to this time both are still missing. It was very painful to us to have faced such event. I see the members of my family seemed very troubled and traumatized. Though I couldn't grasp God's wisdom and will, I only ask one thing from Him and that is strength. I believe God has been reminding all of us to be ready all the time. Despite those undesirable experienced, early this month I received a call from my cousin that somebody was looking for my papa. I was grateful to have heard my cousin telling me that a newly ordained priest-relative was looking for my papa and wanted to meet the whole family. After those troubles God came to comfort us through a relative-priest who searched for us. Indeed He met my family and we shared joys together. That was really a moment were we feel God's presence.

God never leaves, He comforts those who are in deep pain. He heals and most of all He do loves us all.