Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Many of our fellow Filipinos lost their homes, things and even loved ones when typhoon Ondoy hit the National Capital Region of the Philippines last September 5, 2009. Another strike of natural calamity was experienced. That shock me a lot. Rich or poor were affected. Those who are living in big and grandiose home were not exempted. Water flooded the major cities in Metro Manila. Even big trucks were seen flowing in the street-field water. This is an indication that the environment is giving back what human beings have done.

We need to reflect on how we have directly or indirectly contributed to the outburst of mother earth getting angry at human beings. Perhaps if people continue to abuse the nature then we will be expecting another worst natural disaster to come.

Challenging our mother nature is one of the greatest mistake a person can ever do.
We do not want this to happen but this things were beyond human being's capacity to control. It is therefore hope that amidst the pain the grace of thoughtfulness and kindness overflows among all of us. Let us be concern and help our brothers and sisters who are in difficult situation right now. Let us help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Let us share the pains and traumas they felt by trying to pray, volunteer serving with the disaster coordinating team or give even the least of what we have. At this very moment many are still in anguish trying to configure how they are going to start all over again from scratches and move on with life. We plead that God will show His mercy and forgive our faults, and keep us away from another disaster.