Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am very sad tonight. I watched episode 22 (killing your number) of Prison Break Season 4. After solving the Scylla puzzle and giving it to the legal authorities the two brothers Linc and Michael obtain their freedom. Sarra, Michael's lover as well as the two brother's co prison cell breakers were freed through agent Kellerman's aid. After a long time of running, escaping, and getting away from their enemies they finally had their last prison break (breakage from anger and injustice).They live a peaceful life separately. However, the story ended with a reunion after four years. Sarra with her male child from Michael, Linc, Sucre and Agent Mahone met at Michael Scofield's tomb (who died of brain cancer) ............... the scene made me very emotional... i don't want my favorite character die.

I have high regard for the writer, i find him very intellectual in nature the way he created the story but he was too intellectual that he forgot to use his heart. He left the followers of the tv series with a bleeding heart. Nevertheless, congratulations to all Prison Break characters especially Michael Scofield (Wenthworth Miller) for portraying a heroic character.