Friday, March 26, 2010


Jesus is my source of ENERGY

Sometimes I do not anymore think that my work is just a work but rather a mission. When I see myself working so hard giving my best and doing an extra mile service somehow it makes me feel proud but I don’t feel such reward often. There were really times that I like to give up, I like to resign and I like to shift career something that won’t really sap my energy. This is what I usually feel during peak season because I have to attend to a lot of job responsibilities. I sometimes observed that I do not anymore produce a good output. I feel much more down when colleagues do not appreciate my effort and instead destructively criticize me. Jesus had His own experience of feeling down. He had many critics and He received many ugly comments disregarding His effort. His joy of serving people did not subside but instead He became very passionate and loving of His mission, of His service to the people. In my work situation, despite so much stress felt and loss of energy I feel that Jesus Has his very meaningful way of making me smile and uplifting my energy. It pays off really to work with kids. I love children so much. I feel that I’m nearer to Jesus every time I talk to them. Here’s some of my experiences; one occasion I was not able to eat my lunch on time because I have to finish encoding test results due in the afternoon for releasing after finishing everything I went out of the office to buy something to eat. I was not really feeling ok at that time, I feel so tired and looked so haggard. Suddenly my stress was relieved and uplifted when I met in the corridor a three year old kid who was with her mother looking at me and giving me a big smile as she mentioned the word “ATE” for three times. That child was a stranger to me, I never encountered her nor her mother before but her angelic HELLO did really fill my empty battery. In another occasion, I experienced being energized by a kid who hugs and kiss me after the testing session we had. For me that’s Jesus way of uplifting my spirit especially when I almost break.

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