Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who Is Jesus Christ?

I was ask to do a sharing about the topic Who is Jesus Christ? The task was very difficult for me. It trembled and feared me knowing that I'll be preaching about Jesus. I was anxious to do the sharing rather than feel very privilege because I was conscious if it would give Him honor and glory. Another thing I am not a good communicator, I also do not know how to organize my thoughts and words. I did a series of preparation for the sharing. I had myself renewed and gone through confession. I asked Mama Mary's help and the Holy Spirit's wisdom. But I was not prepared of what to tell people. I did not like preparing a speech because it was supposedly a sharing which i believe should be spontaneous. I somehow was able to do a good sharing. When I delivered it, i feel Jesus listening to me. I feel that He was happy and Mama Mary too. Conversely i feel down feeling deep humiliation of myself because i feel that there is something lacking in my sharing. Ibelieve that i still have to develop my communication skills. Overall my sharing was fine, i'll just have to let Jesus judge my heart.

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