Sunday, October 7, 2007


If swimming is good for your figure, how do you explain whales?

Hello Kid i I told kuya nga very easy lang ni i answer pero dili siguro.

Swimming is good for my figure? is this a fact? Anyway i believe that swimming is a very good exercise for human beings to become physically fit. Ma exercise man gud ang tanang muscles sa body ug ma burn ang calories. dili lang ang whole body pati na ang heart nato ani ma exercise, mawala ang heart aches hehehehe. I suppose this information is intended to inform people the fundamental way of maintaining a physically fit figure and that this notion does not necessarily apply to underwater creatures.

Pero I do not want to deviate from the question ……….. so I’ll answer nalang. How do I explain whales nga sige silag swimming pero dagko man sila? Oh!this is really funny. So how would I classify man d-I a whale having a good figure? It would be very unfair if ako sab silang I compare sa lawas sa usa ka tawo. I think whales are physically fit and they are perhaps the sexiest underwater creature (kisa nasayod highly admired sila sa tanang fishes ug creatures sa kadagatan). Heheheheh ay nalang mo ug angal kai mao ra na akong matubag.

Ani nalang ang perception man gud sa tawo nga nice figure kai kanang “coca cola body” slender or slim, curves are seen. Sakto ko? Mao man gud na gi emphasized sa TV commercials. However, there are chubby, or mga dambuhala nga mga people pero they look very attractive and sexy, perhaps this apply to the whales as well. Honestly lahi man gud ang akong perception sa good figure. I don't evaluate a figure by just looking at the person's physical appearance. According to plato there is something more to the form or shape. Siguro it's time to change our perception kon unsa ang good figure para nato.


batang buotan said...

i love chubby but not overweight. i love women but not whales. hmm.. mura ma'g walay sense akong giyawyaw diri. ako na lang lahion. bitaw, naa kay punto weng.

Darlene said...

Very well said Weng i agree all to what you have said.Godbless!

weng said...

salamat kuya and darlene