Saturday, October 6, 2007


I apologize, I was not able to reply to all your messages last Friday. Our company's internet connection was quite very slow, my blog's chat box page did not initialize.

5 Oct 07, 07:47
batang buotan: good morning weng.. dont worry about virus.. there are lot of them.. hehehe.. just be careful with it

@Kuya: Kuya mag worry jud kog virus kai dili lang ang PC namo ang ma virusan kai basin pati mind sa akong niece nga minor de edad pa intawn magka virus unya sa mga porn nga ilang gipangtan-aw.

kid: morning weng.. hmmm, jst try to understand ur li'l brother.. he's not a gay, u even hav to be thankful with that.. that kind of stuffs is very normal for us.. try to think if he's a gay
5 Oct 07, 08:08
kid: mas gwapa pa siguro siya ninyo, mas arte, mas sosyal.. see? d only difference is, he wasn't able to clear the history of your internet browser..
5 Oct 07, 08:10
kid: i know dis sounds absurd to you but this is how a normal boy behave when he's still an adolescent.. what u can do for now is, install an anti-virus scanner
5 Oct 07, 08:11
kid: tell ur bro to clear the history of your browser, or you can set the security settings of the browser to block some sites that will make u feel sick.. :)

@ KID: am actually thankful that i have 2 brothers, (we are actually close to each other and they know me very well), sa una kato wala pa na tawo akong brother envious kai ko sa mga friends nako nga naay igsoon nga lalaki (it was my family's wish nga naa jud lalaki sa among mga magsoon) but i am more envious of my friends nga naay KUYA. how i wish i had a big brother whom i can confront, talk and ask a lot of things about men's nature other than those explain in theories. actually i have a lot of effeminate cousins and friends and i have no problem with them (i admire their ways, they are humorous in nature). If my brother happens to be one of them I am probably very close to him ( he cant keep a lot of secrets labi na kai kulit kai ko and he would have been very expressive ). We have one minor member in the family here, my niece is only 12 years old and i did not like my brother bringing his friends here watching pornography without even considering that aspect (i dont think so that our house is the appropriate place for those activities although i failed somehow to remind him about this). I still would not tolerate this one, it will never be ok with me. Well i have been installing virus scanner, blocking sites and clearing browser histories but still they uninstall it and unblock porn sites. They are actually street smarts and are very much aware that porn sites are virus carrying. They are more knowledgeable about computer problems and they knew very well how to fix them (i think it's about time to outsmart their knowledge hehehehe).

5 Oct 07, 08:20
girlfromdipolog: hehehe.. bad trip jud ang virus
5 Oct 07, 08:20
girlfromdipolog: hey kid.. what's wrong with being gay, huh? weng, damage has been done. start all over na lang and secure your pc with anti-virus. rent a dvd porn, as as a sorry gesture -- it's safer that way.

@GF: heheheheh (ur funny!!!!) thanks for your suggestion, i would have followed your advice and find a DVD shop that has a lot of porn materials for rent and would have choosen the video that is highly rented. in that way i would perhaps amaze (if not shame) my brother. but thank GOD we do not have DVD player at home.

Honestly inner struggle ni nako nga ma link ang akong knowledge sa human sexuality in Psychological Perspective and Catholic Perspective. Maglisud ko ug link sa duha sa context sa mga singles ari ra gyud sa marital context nako ma connect ang Psychological and Catholic perspective of Human Sexuality. I respect all points shared above and i'd like to agree with kuya in one of his comments nga people can watch straight porn materials maturely,without malice or being allured with them. (we have been evaluating movies with explicit sexual scenes in our physiological psychology class way back in college. Yes exactly there is nothing wrong with that)


Darlene said...

Woi nagusugod na diay imong bro weng?akong mga manghud wala nuon ko kabalo kung nag ing ana pod sila pero i'm sure naksuway na na sila.My mother is always reminding the circumstances they will face if they will try some stupidity.

weng said...

@darlene: hello ma'am nagsugod ug unsa? they watch pornographic materials i know that kai (i confronted them one time kai sa akong pagpanghipos i saw VCDs nga porn although wla gyud ko kasakop nila nga nagwatch. ay dili man sab mo angkon nga sila ang tag-iya kai sa ako daw to ig-agaw and i have to tell them nga kong dili sila gusto nga akong sunogon dapat i uli nila sa akong cousin pero after two years man siguro nakita nasad nako sa ilang room katong ako'y naka clean sa ilang room (as in tagu-an gyud d-i) wla nalang ko nasuko pero kaning ma virusan ang PC di jud ko ganahan ani.

weng said...

if you are talking about nasugod ba ug PS, i just hope wala, para nako they are too young and too immature to indulge ug ingun ana. i want them to live a good life pleasing to GOD. in the same way i pray that all of us kami tanan mga siblings dili gyud mag ingun ana. i don't underestimate the devil's very cunning way of tempting people. higly educated people, even religious get trapped with LUST (conscience is even lost). It is with lust that human being's lower nature (the animal nature) is outsmarted by his higher nature (rational or spiritual nature). I am happy that your mama has been guiding ur younger brothers, in our case kami ilang elder sisters ang mo act as their parents. sometimes i over react and fail to get their views objectively but i still give them my trust. pray for us please.

weng said...

wrong: it is with lust nga atong higher nature as human beings ma outsmarted sa atong lower nature

batang buotan said...

basta para nakko, dili dautan ang magtan-aw ug sexually explicit material. mahimo lang ning dautan kung madaot ang hunahuna tungog niini. can we separate both? thats another question.. hehehe.. good day weng!