Saturday, September 8, 2007


Eight years ago, I remember celebrating her birthday with so much preparation (not in terms of food). Sometime in the year 1999 I made a poster with her picture and cut out letters arranged this way "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA MARY". I had that poster kept for almost 8 years already. Since then, I would post it in my room every September 8. The first time I made that birthday greeting poster I told my siblings to write their wishes and prayer requests to Mama Mary in a small piece of paper. I told them to have faith that they're going to receive what they ask. I presented and offered all of our wishes to Mama Mary during my rosary. Then I read one by one what my siblings wrote. I was shocked to read my younger brother's wish, he wrote:

I laughed and deep inside I told myself "ihatag kaha ni in Mama Mary nga materialistic ug selfish ra man kaayo ni?". I was in a way doubtful that his wishes will be granted. In fact I dared told my brother, "unsa man to imong mga wish oi". Perhaps I hurt my younger brother's feelings. He was just 10 years old at that time but I believe that when he wrote those requests his faith was so big. Remembering that experience I daresay to myself today "I pity you, you have no faith like that of your younger brother".
My brother's request was granted in less than a year. My papa who happens to be a PBA fan and who likes to watch basketball bought a 21 inches TV in replacement of the blurry 14 inches second hand television we had at home. Although, I can't anymore remember if his other request was granted but that specific favor he asked was definitely granted. My younger brother did not ask my papa to buy all those things nor did I tell my papa what his wishes were. My brother's faith is an example that he trusted the heart of a Mother. He strongly believe that Mama Mary will listen and grant all the favors he asked. He never underestimated Mama Mary's kindness. He look at her as his true mother who has a generous heart. I did not have such faith and trust. I set myself too high. I was playing safe. I asked things not for my own self but for others because I had the intention to please my Mother Mary. I had the intention not to ask her things for myself because of the belief that she would be more favorable to me since I prayed for others and not for myself. In the real sense I was the one who was selfish. I did not ask her material things or requested personal things because I was afraid that she would not grant it.I feared that she will look at me as earthly and selfish. In short sipsip kai ko ni Mama Mary. I was so conscious at pleasing her all the time which in turn lessen my trust in her. That experienced was quite tough for me to bear. I cannot find any defense mechanism to face saved myself. It humbled me and I now learn to ask specific things for myself both material and spiritual giving my full trust to my God through Mama Mary's intercession.

Jesus said asked and you shall receive. There is nothing wrong with asking specific things. There is nothing wrong with asking material things. There is nothing wrong with that. I learned that from a 10 year old boy who has a deep TRUST in his Mother's heart.

Dear Mama Mary

Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for giving me the wisdom to learn from that experience. Thank you for teaching me what FAITH really means. I am so sorry for doubting your kindness. I am so sorry for not giving my full trust in you and for underestimating your intercessory power. I am all yours dear Mother and all I have is yours. I renounce myself and give myself to you my dear Mother to be moved and directed by your spirit. AMEN

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