Sunday, September 9, 2007


Way back in high school. I got a crush to a familiar stranger. He was so cute, his eyes were deep and teary. He had fine cut hair. He dress neatly and and decently. His skin was so fine and smooth. He had rosy cheeks and got thin red lips. He also moved elegantly. He was i guess at the mid 20's at that time. Though i didn't remember giggling or tickled seeing him often but definitely I was flirting inside. I got a crush on him. That was real infatuation and oh! i did wish he'd become my BF (am a sick lass then). I often met him in the high-way where i got stuck for almost an hour waiting for a ride going home. I didn't know that we had the same destination. One time I was so happy that we rode in thesame jeepney. He was seated at the other side fronting me. I cannot help but look at him from time to time telling myself " gosh this lad is really cute". I was so embarrassed when he came to noticed my eyes constantly looking at him. I was so conscious and ashamed that i had to close my eyes and force myself to sleep just to escape from his eyes staring at me. That was many years ago. How that feeling stop? Well, it did stop quickly. The next time we rode again in the same jeepney i saw him bringing that black covered book. I tried to sneaked a look at what was he bringing, and i noticed that it was a BIBLE. Unexpectedly I discovered that he was a leader of the singles ministry of their church. I saw him one time coming from that building were a religious sec was housed. I found out that he was not a Catholic. That fast and easy he was not anymore my crush. My feelings faded.

That experience seemed to make me laugh but rest assured that am not posting this to step on your right to choose a religion or religious sect you like. I respect all people from all walks of life, Christian, Muslims, pagans, or atheist. Anyway that was an attraction based from the person's physical appearance. Right now i don't think so that i would fall for a handsome lad because I am attracted to a beautiful heart.


girlfromdipolog said...

ahem!... beautiful heart ha. kinsa diay na weng?... tug-ani pod ko beh. hehehe!

weng said...

GF ; hehehehehh my private life is not an open book here heheheh unya nalang tika sulti-an