Monday, April 19, 2010


I went home to the province last Saturday and observed that the candidates were very busy campaigning and at the same time listing the names of voters who are surely a supporter of their candidacy. Why were they listing the names of their supporters?, its because they were configuring on how much cash they would prepare for these people. On the other hand, I also saw group of CICIMPEL volunteers orienting people to support the integrity of a clean, peaceful and honest election.They tell people not to accept money from the candidates. However; their force seemed very weak because they were not convinced that the people would have a change of attitude. They feared that they would still accept bribery and vote without proper discernment.

How dicernment work
The key to easily discern the Will of God, even in very minor areas, is, first and foremost, to have a solid interactive relationship with God. God is not "a fixture" - He is a concrete Eternally living "entity" - for lack of the appropriate word to describe God. We were created in His Image, therefore, it logically follows that if we want to have a close and solid interactive relationship with God we should try, as a first step, whatever we would try to achieve that same type of relationship with another human being.

Another key - just as important - is to truly desire such relationship out of sheer Love for Him. Not for any material benefit; not for securing Eternal life; not for the sake of Holiness - simply for Love for Him and the consequential logically burning desire to serve Him, to please Him, to console Him, to thank Him for everything,... to be totally His. When you are His, all else will logically follow.

That is the meaning of: Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God (1), and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. [Matthew 6:33]

If you really love God and want to serve Him vote for Him. The only way to choose the best leader is to free yourself from "utang kabubut-on". Do not be entice by a one time 500 or 1000 peso bill. You might say "why not, when everybody is doing so? otherwise you might say that you can receive the amount and just chose who you like to vote?. If you taint your right to vote you consent to corruption, you take part in backward progress of our country and you'll continue to starve. Choose someone who is God fearing, service oriented, morally upright, competent, and pro-life advocate. Make a difference this upcoming election, yes you can do it, I can do it. Yes! we can do it.