Friday, April 30, 2010


I had a lighthearted talk with a friend whom I don't often care and thought of that much. We just had this opportunity to bond together because we were joining the same organizational activity. Our conversation highlighted the memories of our past that brought meaning and joy in our different lives. That lighthearted talk bring back those times when I had myself lived within a closet. I was so immature then and could hardly relate to people from different walks of life. I struggled from shyness, low self-esteem and neediness to be loved and accepted. I hide myself from the real world and could not grasp the essence of my existence. I have been searching for my life's meaning and mission. I thought before that I will have a bigger mission to accomplish. It was more of thinking that I'll become a missionary in far away lands serving the less fortunate brothers and sisters in Africa. However, it did not turn that way. There I am serving the academe as an ordinary support staff suffering from the tortures of indifferent colleauges. I became weary and turn out apathetic. I had myself isolated from those whom I cannot really trust. Gladly I elevated from such an unhappy life by choosing peace and by forgiving those who deeply scarred me. It takes time to heal, its a long process of forgetting and forgiving. I 'm now immune to heartaches but I discovered that loving is the strongest weapon to counter the emotional sadist.

By the way we had our Organizational Planning in Agua Azul Resort in Badian Cebu that's three hours ride from Cebu City.

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