Saturday, January 9, 2010


I was at an SM Billing counter falling in line to pay for my insurance dues when suddenly just before my turn to pay, the payment process was stopped for almost 20 minutes. The old man at around 70's ahead of me claimed that he paid 690 pesos but the cashier said she only received 640 pesos. But the man insisted that he gave one five hundred bill, two forty bills and one fifty pesos bill. So the cashier decided to count all the money in her vault, after counting she told the old man "sir, i am honest here i do not have excess amount of 50 pesos, that means you only gave 640 pesos and not 690 pesos". Still the old man argued that he gave 690 pesos (1 five hundred bill, 2 forty pesos bills and 1 fifty pesos bill) but the cashier said "that would be impossible sir otherwise i will have an excess money here" and so the old man said " its not anymore my fault, im sure i gave you the right amount, I had it prepared before i came here and i do not have anymore money here". And the argument continued until the other payers falling in line complained already to stopped the argument and continue with the payment process. However the two did not stop instead the argument came to worst. So I told the cashier to stopped and ill pay the 50 pesos of the old man. The old man consoled me and he was suppose to continue arguing with the cashier but he was stopped by the colleague of the cashier so he left the counter.

Sometimes we need to know what is the best thing to do in worst situations. I was just there waiting for 20 minutes before the argument could stop. I have to sacrifice an amount of fifty pesos before the cashier could stop arguing with the old man when the best thing she could do is to make an incident report of what happened. Thank God He provided me with a solution to the problem and thank God the sacrificial amount was not that big.


batang buotan said...

You have not only saved time of other people on queue but you have proven that we don't need to complicate a seemingly simple issue.

Sometimes, we need to use our heart to decide well.

weng said...

yeah we need to use our heart and mind to decide wisely, we should not waste time to make the right moves, i even thought that i should not have let 20 minutes passed before i could butt in and help resolve the problem but i feel i was just at a proper timing. after all i do not want my grandmother experienced the same