Thursday, January 7, 2010


Last month I applied for a non-professional driver's license, beforehand I was told that it is not easy to get one. The process include drug testing, physical examination, written examination and practical test. For a person who do not have a driver's license yet and whose driving experience and vehicle traffic rules and regulation knowledge are very limited it would be a heavy requirement. Three days before my application I enrolled for ten-hour driving lessons and somehow my driving skills were enhanced, however I had problem with backing and parking. These are the major skills that needed more practice. In the morning of December 21, 2009 I passed the written examination and in the afternoon I took the practical test.
Actually, both written and practical tests were stressful activities but when I made it for the written exam somehow I became confident that I would be given a license. There were a number of examinees on that day. My driving instructor told me to relax and be calm but I also saw a glimpse of anxiety in his face. He had to practice me for the most common instructions that the LTO examiner will give. I prayed so hard also to passed the examination. There was really inner tension in me and at the back of my mind i said to myself '"you will be able to make it". If you are scared that would mean you needed someone UP to assist you.
After series of examinees passing the practical test I saw one of them gave money to the examiner. Although it was done unobtrusively I still saw from a far that he accepted a bill. I was shocked, I did not know that we have such terrible government employee, receiving bribe in public. When I told my instructor about what I saw he said that I better give as well the examiner money for a sure passing mark then he handed me the purple bill. However I refused to do so. He insisted that I be the one to give the bribe but I refused for many times and told him that It will be alright with me to fail in the practical test if I so deserve it. But my examiner explain that it will take another month to take the examination again, but still i remain firm of my decision. I commented " if i bribe that examiner the more he will not go to heaven" my instructor was silenced. When it was my turn to take the test I befriended the examiner and made good few conversations with him and it was then that I knew I passed because I was able to follow all of his instructions.

I chose to do what is right because I want to believe that I really deserve to pass and not because I paid the examiner. I chose to do what is right because I know I won't be helping the examiner and myself grow into a better person. I chose to do what is right because I know It was be the wisest thing to do and praise God! He reminded me to do what is right.


Anonymous said...

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weng said...

hello mr. mike williams am sad that you are one of those who were victimized by women in my country who only want to have your dollars

the big sign is this SHE DOES NOT LOVE YOU SHE ONLY WANTS YOUR MONEY. so if you wanted to talk to her seriously as well as to her parents i would advise that you coordinate with National Bureau of Investigation because I believe that you were being deceived and something was stolen from you who knows this woman is involved in syndicate to make money. i do not know how to contact you but i'll just advice you here