Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Are you familiar with this expression "Merry Christmas Gift"? I guess you are.This expression is usually used by someone trying to convey a reminder message to another person whom she/he wants to receive a gift. I often use that expression at present and although its just a form of joke or humor I did not realize that few conservative people do not find it good to hear. I remember a former colleague replying to me "It's better to give than to receive". Ouch.... that hurts! was insulted heheheheheh
There are really people who only longs to receive but do not love to give. However, asking for a Christmas gift could mean asking for a very specific one. But that thing could not merely mean material things. I will not anymore touch the topic on the benefits of giving. Let me shift to the benefits of asking and receiving.
Have we thought of those people who had hurt, victimized, deceived or persecuted us? They might at one point in our lives connect to us and genuinely ask for forgiveness. The question is, are we ready to forgive them? Are we ready to give the gift of forgiveness this Christmas? Maybe some of us do not know the answer, or some may say yes but if it does happen it would be very difficult to give, or some will say straight "NO". If our hearts are still aching remembering the worst things people did to us, it is best to just lift them up to God and let Him instead forgive those who hurt us.
This Christmas we are reminded that its not only about giving but also asking. May we humble ourselves and ask the gift and grace of forgiveness especially to those people we hurt. The moment we realize our faults it is also also the beginning of the search for inner peace,joy and love. In order to succeed we have to act. Peace, joy, love and healthy life are the benefits of having to receive the grace of forgiveness and by doing so we have to ask for it, if we do not receive them from people we hurt we are still assured that we will receive it from God.

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