Wednesday, December 10, 2008


" There are many things beyond your control that can be perfectly legitimate reasons for anger. Yet the amount of time you maintain that anger is completely up to you. "

Last night i facilitated a class of third year psychology students. When i entered the room i saw a note on the table with the above quote. I tried reflecting on the note and remembered many people. I remembered those who hurt me, those who persecuted, victimized and pinned me down. I remembered my sufferings that agonized me for long long years. I also remembered a colleauge who was so troubled last week that made her very angry at those people who hurt her.

I remember most of the people who hurt me but I cannot anymore feel the pain and burden it has cause me. I had myself free from the weight of the agony I was carrying in the past. I say yes to forgiveness and peace. I am not anymore angry.