Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

I do not really find my home sweet. With its rugged look, made from coconut wood built by inexperienced carpenters 20 years ago, other than that, it is located in a remote area where my neighborhood are the millions of souls. During the night when the rain comes we have to relocate to a certain corner not wanting to get wet from the water falling from the leak of the roof. Is this a sweet home to live? Sometimes I feel that i am living in a coffin. I could hardly breath due to the limited space it gives.

But i realized that my home is the sweetest among all homes. I live with my siblings. We eat together, we talk, we watch movies, we shared joys, sorrows and hardships,and we prayed together. I see this home peaceful and happy. This home unites my family. It provide us with a perfect bond.

On the other hand, have you seen homes that are big and grandiose but empty?. Homes where you can't find love, peace,and joy. Homes where members don't see each other, don't talk, eat, watch movies together. Homes that do not have life. In some homes you see people treating each other as strangers. Is this a real home? Though i am living in a rugged ugly house i can claim that i have the sweetest home to live. I live in a most beautiful home full of love and joy. It's not about the structure its about who the family living in that house. and that is home sweet home.

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