Friday, February 15, 2008


The term, "whistle-blower," refers to a person who exposes some type of abuse, wrongdoing, or worse. What some "whistle-blowers" expose are more mundane, such as government contractors over-billing the government. Then there are the those who report more serious matters. And then there are those whistleblowers who report hardcore criminal or corrupt activities that result in great harm, or death, to people or to national security, and who are then targeted and suffer grave personal and financial harm. This last group is ignored by the various whistleblower groups.

I The different categories of "whistleblowers" include, for instance:

Those who report abuses such as overcharges by corporations dealing with the government. They usually do it for profit, which results from receiving a part of the money the government retrieves back from the overcharging corporation. That would include Bunnatine Greenhouse who exposed the overcharging by defense contractor Halliburton.
Those who report product dangers, such as Jeffrey Wigand who exposed what was already well known for years the cover-up by tobacco companies of the smoking dangers.

Those "whistle-blowers" who object to being blocked from performing a duty as a government employee, who have a conscience. They might be complaining about poor performance of their superiors, waste in government. That would include people such as Marsha Coleman-Adebayo who exposed problems in the EPA.

The "whistle-blowers" that the public never hears about is the one who exposes matters of grave misconduct involving people in key government positions, and which has already made possible serious injuries or deaths, or harm to national security.

In my own opinion i consider Lozada and De Venecia as a whistle blowers of the weaknesses of the key leaders in Philippines government.


LAD said...

in professional ethics, a whistle blowing is considered as a noble deed. kelangan mo lang harapin ang consequences ng iyong paglalantad ng katotohanan.

i really dont like JDV, but nevertheless, i commend his actions regarding this national issue

weng said...

is there something wrong with people who expose the wrong doings of an organization or government? i actually commend people who are not afraid to tell the truth. Lozada and JDV are not holy people but what they exposed have underlying truths and it has nothing to do about their private lives, about their own wrong doings.the issue is not about their credibility but the importance of what they expose, if it means a national concern then it is worthy of my understanding and support.

gervacio said...

Everyone must be a whistle-blower.