Monday, November 19, 2007


This Christmas I will surely go home and spend the two weeks vacation with my family. Here are some of the activities that i plan to do:

  • Caroling and giving of gifts to our neighbors (a kilo of rice and goods)
  • Children's Christmas party and feeding
  • Christmas gathering together with the Marian family cell
  • Overnight stay with my whole family in a very solemn beach resort (i knew of a place already)
  • Pilgrimage to Mama Mary at SIMALA SIBONGA (Christmas thanksgiving)
  • Enroll for driving lessons
  • Finish my cross stitch (my gift for a special person )
  • Visit my doctors
  • Plant mango, jack fruit, avocado seedlings, flowers and trees.

1 comment:

batang buotan said...

exciting nga christamas vacation.. mas fulfilling gyod ang magtanom.. pagtanom sab ug durian weng kay maayo kuno kaayo nang durian (maayo sa health)