Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am not so motivated to write tonight. I got so tired doing nothing in the office for the last two months. I was feeling so bored. Perhaps this is the result of not eating my lunch for the past two days. I wonder what's wrong with my head again, sometimes I am so weird, I just do my daily routine without feeling a sense of fulfillment. I don't understand myself sometimes. I don't like to believe that I am complicated but I am. And since I don't feel normal tonight I'll just reveal to you some of the weirdest things that I did in the past:

1. I think I was only 2 years old at that time when I intentionally throw my milk bottle after consuming the lukewarm liquid milk inside and as a consequence of my action my milk bottle was broken, I was scolded by my mother and since then I was not anymore fed with milk. (I feel so sad that my mama did not bought a new milk bottle for me, I still like sipping the milk in a bottle)

2. I remember asking my elder sister to make faces at Jesus' picture in our altar. I can't remember what has gotten into my head but I modeled in doing such act. (I feel so guilty about it when I came to know about GOD)

3. I was six years old at that time when I played and broke the wood stand support of the rolling board in our school. My teacher told my father about it. The following day my teacher included my name in our morning prayer telling Jesus to transform me to become a good child and just before the class made the sign of the cross my teacher reminded me not to do bad again. (I saw my classmates' head turn and their eyes staring at me and I feel so ashamed, I just wonder why my papa did not scold me he instead consoled me)

4. I was grade three at that time when I initiated cheating during our test in Civics and Culture subject. I allowed my barkadas who were also my seat mates to copy my answers. Two of them quarreled because one got zero in the exam due to incorrect answers forwarded by one of them. (I got all the blame from their fight)

5. I was lazy making my CHRISTMAS PAROL project in HELE that I asked my friend to let me borrow her project. My friend handed her project to me and I had it submitted to our teacher. (I was grade three at that time)

6. When a friend who was also a classmate of mine forgot to let her parents sign the parents permit I signed it myself to ease her worries.(we're grade three at that time and our teacher did not noticed the forge signature, perhaps she failed to take a closer look at the permit submitted)

7. Coming from a secondary exclusive school for girls, way back in college we were asked by our teacher to work as partners in accomplishing a paper work. I remember turning down a male classmate who wanted to be my partner for the said work. (I made my apology the following day, he asked me if I already have a partner but I told him I wanted to work on my own)

8. My classmates challenge me to eat in COLON sidewalk eatery. I accepted the challenge even if deep inside I did not like eating in that very dirty place. (Their platter, spoon and fork seemed not properly washed, the people around eating with us in the table ate like a beast)

im already sleepy so ill just have to stop

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