Wednesday, October 3, 2007


from Bo Sanchez book " How to Find Your One True Love"
Some people say virginity is no longer important nowadays. But being pure is one of the best things you can do for your life!

Some Practical Benefits

1 You save yourself from out-of-wedlock pregnancy
and all things connected with this like early marriage, money problems for the needs of baby

2. You are not tempted to abort or murder your baby

3. You save yourself from venereal disease.

4. You are able to discern if your partner is really a marriage material - one cant think straight if testosterone is flowing abundantly through his/her veins. Compatibility does not mean sexual compatibility. Both partners need to explore their minds, personalities, preferences, and not explore thier bodies

5. You don't get trapped with a person - just because you had sex.
i heard this line from a client " My girlfriend loves me, and the proof of it was that she gave her body to me" but she left him for a French national.
"he was the first person to touched me" i consider him my husband already. but he dump her for another woman
"my girlfriend and i already did it" i cant leave her anymore - even if he's realized that he doesn't like her anymore or feel that other women may be suited for his future wife and mother of his children he simply resigns his fate with this woman. is there anything more pathetic than that?

6. You don't feel cheap - like used rag.
you don't feel like your a second hand material but don't worry i believe you can and will find someone who will accept and love you

7. You create urgency for your man to take your relationship to the next level
because he wants more "access" from you, he'll have to commit more - and for you, that commitment is matrimony
Some women give their boyfriends free access to their bodies. No wonder the guy has no urgency to get married. Why buy the car if he can test-drive it anytime he wants?

If you are no longer a virgin

If you have already lost your virginity, here is some good news:
You can ask God for forgiveness, choose not to have sex until marriage - and receive a second virginity. - it will no longer be physical but spiritual in nature. Tell GOd you want to have a beautiful marriage and family. He will forgive you. He will restore you.


batang buotan said...

sex, doesnt happen in the wink of eyes.. it takes time. does it takes time to think and to weigh things? in number 5 You don't get trapped with a person - just because you had sex. i agree but many get trapped on this. if sex was a mutual decision then, no one is trapped.

is virginity still an issue? but there are those who claim that they are virgin because they are physically, but are they also virgin in thoughts? am i virgin? dont ask me because i will not give my answer.. for security reasons.. hehehehe.. ambot lang!!

weng said...

yes you are right kuya a lot of people are not virgin in thoughts (i am one of them) and even in actions and Bo Sanchez happens to be a sex addict. I admire this man because he was very honest about it. and just before he got married he has overcome such addiction.