Monday, September 24, 2007


Katong padulong mi sa akong mga kauban sa Manila para mo attend ug seminar gipili-an mi ug linkuranan nga dapit gyud sa bentana sa eroplano. Mao nga lahi lahi mi ug lingkuranan. So paglingkud nako sa akong lingkuranan ganahan kaayo ko kai dapit sa bintana ug makakita ko sa clouds, sa kawanangan ug sa ubos. Ug ni abot ang usa ka hamtong nga lalaki, taas, gwapo ug 40 something na to siya.

Guy:(he showed his ticket number pointing to the seat next to mine) Will i be seated here? "
Me: Yes sir
Guy:(ug samthang ni lingkod siya) Where are you heading at?
Me: This flight is for Manila
Guy: Ah yeah, so what are you going to do in Manila?
Me: My colleagues and I will be attending a seminar in Baguio so from Manila we will be riding a bus going there.
Guy: Did you not find a flight that takes you directly to Baguio?
Me: I don't know, the accounting office was the one who arrange our flight.

ug ni larga na ang eroplano

Guy: so what's your job?
Me: Am a psychometrician
Guy: what is that?
Me: Im responsible for administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests.
Guy: Ok, I really had fun here in Cebu, in fact last night i was able to spend around 30 thousand
Me: (hai naku wla ko nangutana, i just listen to him)
Guy: You know what there was this young lady attendant in the bar and i gave her a tip worth 10 thousand pesos
Me: (so what, its none of my business, naminaw ra gihapon ko niya)
Guy: you're very simple, you don't even wear make up
Me: (huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh ug wla na gyud koi tingog tingog)
Guy: Actually, i live in US for 14 years already, i was once a teacher here in the Philippines. And my whole family migrated to US. But am divorced for almost six years now. I have kids and in fact i bought them a guitar from Lapu-lapu.
Me: ok!
Guy: I apologize if intimidate you. Actually am a flirtatious man.
Me: (mao siguro divorced naka sa imong wife) ok
Guy: (getting his cellphone) can you take a look at my cellphone if i have a message, i actually don't know how to use text messaging, in US people don't practice that.
Me: (huh makalagot, dili man tawn pwede i open ang cellphone dire sa plane) sir we are not aloud to open our cellphones here.
Guy: What?
Me: We were warned awhile ago to put off our cellphones.
Guy: please try to see if i have a message
Me: (huh kanus-a pa man tawn mi maabot sa Manila oi) ok! yea you have one message
Guy: could you please read it for me?
Me: I think you have to read it by yourself
Guy: Ill just let my niece read it when i reached Manila, just put off my cellphone
Me: (huh nanugo pa gyud, so i put his cellphone off) ok
Guy: Look at the news paper do not vote for these Presidential Candidates. Vote for Gloria
Me: (may nalang na tarong na imong utok) ok

Pag-abot namo sa Manila
Guy: so where here, nice meeting you, by the way whats your name?
Guy: Im MR.
Me: Ok (i didn't like meeting you here)
Guy: (he noticed that am not comfortable with him) Im so sorry i am just a flirtatious man
Me: It's ok (pero dili gyud ok)
Guy: Would you like to take a ride in my car? i can drop you at the bus station?
Me: (ah so wla d-i ka ni too nga naa koi kauban) No thanks somebody will fetch us here. By the way those are my colleagues.
Guy: Hello! (ni smile siya sa akong mga kauban), so bye bye WENG
Me: bye!

(kato ang pinaka intimidating nga experience nako)


Darlene said...

Uu tinuod bitaw na Weng nga ang text messaging diri sa USA kay hinay unlike sa atua nga mao gyud ang gamit,tawag nalang kung emergency.But he sure is a flirt guy.Good thing you didn't talk to him that much.He may be looking for a innocent or naive victim like you lol!So watch out for those kind of guy!

And about sa imong pangutana sa akoa kung naka experience bako ug pilipina nga mumata nako,so far wala pa gyud kay dili gyud ko nila mamata pod kay dili ko gusto hilabtan labaw na pod nga dili ko manghilabot nila.

weng said...

salamat Darlene. yeah that man was really flirtatious and he was honest about it. but i dont like him (honestly lang) i did not like that experienced na trap lang gyud kos eroplano, kai if wla pa tawn kos eroplano ato, ill exit myself gyud