Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Presidential Secretary Cerge Remonde died yesterday of heart attack at 11:51 a.m. . Remonde a former media man famoused in Cebu City was a great lost to Cebu media community. It was his effort to bring unity among the media people despite radio program and news bulletin competitions. People considered him a man of intergrity. A truth-seeker, a person who always based his words through strong evidences. His determination brought him success. He became the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster sa Pilipinas Cebu Chapter President. At the height of his career he was invited to served as one of President Gloria Macapadal Arroyo's presidential secretaries. He do have the skills and capacity to deliver his job responsibilities. However, his acceptance to the offer somehow tested his core values. Those traits that he had been nourishing and taking cared of all his life were shaken. Perhaps his health condition was triggered by the type of job he pursued. Can you imagine working in an environment that deviates your principles and values?. What do you think about a man who is an advocate for lung cancer prevention but serve as president in a Tobacco Company? Remonde had been experiencing cognitive dissonance because his actions contradicted his values. He in fact received a lot of negative comments from his former colleagues because his words do not tell his inner self. Almost everyday he spoke about light when what he really saw was dark. Isn't this sickening?

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