Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Right now people look up to Noynoy Aquino for presidential position. A lot of people made comments that he has not proven his leadership abilities and intellectual capacities. In short he has not done something that would make him a significant father of Philippine nation. On the other hand, some shared that he is the lesser evil among all candidates. His non invovlement to graft and corruption, zero records of offenses, abuses and illegal activities and never been in a hot seat for complaints made him the strongest candidate for presidency. In short, people find him trustworthy. They compare Noynoy to President Marcos, President Erap and President Gloria. Is he really the opposite of these three famous power-abuser and corrupt presidents? I doubt he is not or is he?. People ideally would want a president who works for the good of the people and the nation, if its true that Noynoy has not instrumentally contributed for the good of our country will that still mean he can be the best. Did he ever take part in doing something to help build a better nation? Did he ever tried rolling up his sleeves and get dirty at promoting peace and unity in our country? What effort did he confidently make that inspired us people? During those uncertain times, political crisis, chaos and difficulties, what role did he portrayed? Was he tolerant of ambiguity or too tolerant that he did not even function well and seen as passive? Is he really committeed to excellence? Better read and reread again, think and rethink again. We need wisdom to better understand who is the best.

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