Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Past has nothing to do with the future. It should be left behind. Experiences must be learned well and genuinely lived up. No matter how odd old days were, whether closure was reached or not,it does not necessarily matter anymore, what is most valuable is that one was able to forgive. Suppression is not even an option. Undesirable memories, heartaches, sufferings, and pain we all need to deal with them all. I have searched for their meanings in my life. I have optimistically found how they have molded me into a better person but it does not mean I am already an expert. I have had my disastrous fall but am proud to say I manage to get up. I see the good side of life, I see my Creator leading me to where He wanted me to be. Dreams were not really that hard to achieve if we remain holy and obedient to His commands. We will still reap the grandiose harvest nevertheless we are reminded still to be mindful that there are more challenges in life to come.