Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last Sunday October 25, 2009 I attended a talk about "COVENANT", as Singles for Christ member we were asked to fulfill our covenant with God

COVENANT of the Singles for Christ

"Trusting in the Lord's help and guidance."

I shall live as a follower of Christ:

Pray daily for at least 15 minutes.
Read Scriptures daily for at least 15 minutes.
Live righteous life and avoid situations which are occasions for sin.
Put good order into my private live and support my parents in building a Christian family.
Participate regularly in the worship life of my church.

I will work towards the evangelization and transformation of my work place, my family and my country:

Put good order in my work situation.
Be a witness of the love and power of the Lord Jesus in my work and in my family.
Be a good steward of all resources entrusted to me.
Be a good citizen of my country, obeying its laws and protecting its environment.

I will committed and active member of the CFC SINGLES FOR CHRIST:

Attend my small group meetings regularly and support the good order of the meetings.
Faithfully participate in all the activities of the group.
Relate in love, loyalty to and respect for all my brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Intercede daily for the group and its mission.

I will make myself available to the Lord for service:

Bring other single man and women to Christ.
Give generously of my time and resources to the Lord's service, whenever I am called and follow directions of those who have responsibility for my service.
Support the work of Couples for Christ and its Ministries.

I will study and seek to grow as a Christian person:

Attend all teachings, retreats, seminars and conferences of the CFC SINGLES FOR CHRIST.
Diligently study all materials given to me.

Making a promise to God is a sacred thing to do and it is but necessary to fulfill those promises otherwise as what my co-member said one commits a sin. But today's Gospel reminds as that there will be moments in our lives that circumstances will hinder us to fulfill our promise and I believe that God will be considerate of that. Take for example 9 p.m. is your time of prayer and at the moment an emergency arise (somebody in the family needs to be taken to the hospital) so one cannot delay the need to help someone just because you do not want your intimate time with God interrupted or unfulfilled. This means that there will be circumstances when we cannot fulfill our covenant with God and it does not mean that we disobey or disrespect Him. Likewise we should not use this fact as a constant excuse to the point of pacifying things as to why we cannot fulfill our covenant with God.

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