Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Cebu Bloggers Society members did an immersion with the fire victims at Umapad Mandaue. The activity was organized by Guada and the CBS president lead the group. It was a simple activity but it did sap everyone's energy. The members ventured through the gloomy & damp place of the victims. We had the fire victims interviewed and ask them few questions about thier condition. We also brought with them packed goods (like a kilo of rice, a can of sardines, a pack of noodles and used clothings). About 600 families were homeless. Right now they crowd in a very muddy ground living in a tent-like houses that they built as temporary homes. Most of the the families' possessions had gone up in smoke with their houses. Though some of them said that they are okey still they are not safe and secure. Their tent homes made of sackcloth is an advantage for bad people to attack especially when they are at thier time of resting. Wet season also makes them prone to sickness. Their health is at risk especially for the little children since the continuing rainy season has made the ground more dump and watery which is very attractive for breeding grounds of mosquitos.
  • One victim said they still could not rebuild their homes since they lack money. They are also hopeful that financial help will be provided by the local government.
  • One victim was in desperate need for financial aid and food for survival and he made a comment "when are we going to receive help, will it only be given next year?"
  • Meanwhile, the victims have to survive on a limited menu of instant noodles in their cramped tents.
  • The children also have not gone to school as their books, uniforms and bags were consumed in the fire.
With this scenario, I wonder what kept the local government to act passively on the fire victims' condition. The incident happened three weeks ago but up to this time they still do not know if they would receive help. I think calamities like this should prompt the government to right away act with empathy to provide the most important needs of the concerned. I call for quick action. I call for Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortes to summon the agency responsible to provide the aid of the victims. Please do not delay.

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