Monday, June 1, 2009


I like most of Chiz Escudero's ideals and beliefs. I look up to this person. He has so many dreams for his countrymen most specifically for the young people. He has his own way of Jose Rizal's word
"ang kabataan ay pag-asa ng bayan" his version which has broaden people's perspective "ang kabataan ay hindi lang dapat pag-asa ng bayan kon di maaasahan ng bayan". He could be a probabl presidential candidate next year.


supersawsaw said...

Chiz has not laid down his platform yet. He merely echoes what other presidentiables had said before. They are all rhetorics and tirades aimed at the current government. If you attack a government, you should at least provide an alternative.

weng said...

you are right, i believe he has good plans for the country and he has a reasonable platform of government. however its not yet time to lay down once platform after all he is bound to work and serve the Filipinos rather than get so exhausted for the coming 2010 election by trying to impress people of ones goal. action is better than words.... motives is much more better than actions