Monday, April 20, 2009


I feel that my Lenten season was somehow perfect. My reasons for this are quite shallow but this year I had my Lenten season celebrated uniquely ever since. I tried practicing no meat on Fridays but I failed once. On a palm Sunday I attended a Lenten recollection at the pink sister's chapel. It was a very light but thought provoking recollection led by Fr. Jerome Cayetano, SVD. On holy Monday I had my good confession at Lourdes Parish church. That was the longest sacrifice I made as I was there at 3:30 lining up for confession but I only receive my contrition at 6:30pm. That was three hours of waiting to for my turn. On a Holy Wednesday that was my time to go home. On a Holy Thursday I was together with my family praying the rosary. On a Holy Friday the whole family went to church and we made our via cruses. Then on Saturday we went to the beach and had side adventure at an islet. On a Sunday, it was a time for rejoicing and merrying as we commemorate Jesus' resurrection, the whole family attended holy mass. Wow! i did have a lot of activities for the whole Lenten season and I thought that it was really perfect however, i realized that although I was able to attend recollection for my own spiritual growth and somehow receive the sacrament of penance it was still too shallow because I failed to evangelize. I also realized that I was not able to make a personal apology to people whom I might have hurt or whom I dislike. Should I? well my inner pride says why should I? Why assume on things that might not be true? My insensitivity to other people's feelings might hinder my growth and commitment to God. Clearly I am often trap by the sin of omission. So help me God.

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