Friday, January 16, 2009


I was talking to a former classmate in the phone last week and our quite long conversation headed to her four-year marriage and still not having a child. Perhaps it is true that most married women will unlikely feel marital success if they will not become a mother. Too bad I failed to emphatized and comfort her but instead I quickly suggested that she would ask Sñr. Sto. Niño to give her a child. However, she was not appreciative of the suggestion. She believe that asking might result to her family experiencing many challenges and tests from God. That was her belief and I respect that. Honestly, I have not been afraid to ask God what I need. I do not think that He would allow circumstances beyond what I can handle. I trust Him and I will continue asking and begging for His help. I will never think that He will set a condition in lieu of the favor He will grant me. Daniel, Jabez, the Isreali, prayed with humility and were very bold,direct and specific in asking God of thier needs. Jesus taught us how to pray and asking was part of it.

Let us not be afraid to ask God what we need even if He already know what we desire.

Daniel's Prayer

"We are prayieng to You because You are merciful, not because we have done right. Lord, hear us, and act! In order that everyone will know that you are God, do not delay! This city and these people are yours"
(Daniel 9: 18b-19)

Prayer of Jabez

"Bless me, God, and give me much land. Be with me and keep me from anything evil that might cause me pain"
(1Chronicles 4:10)


(Matthew 6:9b-13)

Daniel, Jabez and the people in Isreal were blessed by God tremendously, their prayers are reflective of the kind of relationship they have with GOD. They fully trust the Lord and humbly acknowledge thier nothingness. Jesus on the otherhand taught us how to pray. The OUR FATHER is the simplest and yet the best prayer written in the Holy Bible. Prayer should include acknowledgement of God as our Father greater than anything else and so we glorify him and acknowledge Him as our God, we are also taught to ask forgiveness for all our faults, and to forgive those who wrong us, lastly Jesus taught us that we have to ask for deliverance from evil and ask for anything we need. So we should not be afraid to pray right.


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weng said...

by the way this friend of mine got pregnant and bore a child last october 8, 2010 i became one of the ninang yehey am so happy. Jesus really work miracles

weng said...

2009 pala