Sunday, November 25, 2007


The root form of humor is umar in Latin. It means to be fluid and flexible like water and that is what humor is about. It’s staying flexible so you don’t get broken by the difficulties you confront. Being flexible enables your creative mind to stay open so that you can still come up with solutions even in painful situations.

Kon ikaw adunay sense of humor o gahum sa pagpakatawa swerte ka kai daghan kang mamahimong amiga ug amigo ug daghang ang mo abiba ug magtagad kanimo. ang pagpakatawa usa ka talento ug kina-iya nga dili kinahanglang eswelahan. kon ikaw nabantug na nga komedyante tanan nimong isulti maski dili ka kombinsido nga kataw-anan makapakatawa o mkatarog gyud sa imong tigpaminaw o tigbasa. ngano man kaha ni? kini tungod kai ang mga tawo nga nga nagtamod kanimo na kondisyon na nga imong mga mensahe dinaklitan gyud ug komedya.Ang sense of humor usa sa pinaka importante nga kina-iya sa tanang malipayon ug malampuson nga mga tawo. Sa mga wlay sense of humor basaha ninyo ang pama-agi unsaon sa pagpalambo sa maong kina-iya.

Joe Love said a good sense of humor helps you to solve problems, improve your relationships, and have a positive outlook on the virtually every aspect of your life.
A sense of humor is a very particular developed sense of perspective that allows you to access joy even in adversity. It is about first dealing with the problem and then putting a positive spin on it. When you look at things with a sense of humor perspective, it enables you to have a remarkable capacity to control how you see the things that are going on in your life. You cannot control the external events in your life, but you can control how you look at them.

According to Jose Javier Reyes of the Philippines, laughter is often the way Filipinos cope with natural catastrophes, overcome the burdens of everyday life and cushion the impact of events over which they feel they no longer can control.

Filipino humor is often self-deprecating. It is another weapon in face-saving. By turning a mistake or a transgression into a light moment, the teller relieves the injured party of having to correct him and allows him to own up to his mistake in a way that allows him to also save face. What may appear to an outside observer as another example of Filipino superficiality, making fun of a situation which in fact might be extremely serious, is really an intricate social contract between the two parties that will allow them to continue to interelate in the future. In adjudging Filipino behavior, one must remember that Filipino society is made up of "closed circles of relationships" and each group member must be careful never to burn his bridges with other group members.

Finally, humor in all its guises and uses, binds Filipinos together, transforming an experience into an event that can be shared by all. When Filipinos laugh at something that is unique to them, their laughter becomes an assertion of their unity as a people.

Develop your sense of humor

Misery is not subtle. Pain is not subtle. Joy, humor, and laughter are very often subtle. So you have to pay attention to them to start activating them into your life by listing all the things that makes you happy.

Making a list of all the things that you enjoy and put a smile on your face will not only help develop your sense of humor but it also gives you the opportunity to find out more about the people in your life and what makes them happy and this will enable you to help them develop their sense of humor. When you are able to give other people joy and put a smile on their face, especially when they need it most, you will be giving them the greatest gift you can give.

Mao ni ang mga butang nga makapalipay nako:
  • talking / listening to my loved ones
  • eating together with my family
  • nature seeing
  • badminton/soccer/basketball
  • planting flowers and fruit trees
  • watching funny /action movies
  • visiting different churches/catholic congregations
  • talking and listening to kids
  • listening to Bo Sanchez
  • reading funny articles
  • talking to my friends
  • drawing/sketching/designing
  • writing anything
  • walking in the rain
  • playing in the beach
  • sleeping under the tree
  • talking to old people
  • eating strawberry or double dutch light ice cream
  • wearing rugged clothes
  • sewing/ cross stitching
  • cooking/baking
  • driving
  • teasing my siblings/neice
  • climbing mountains
  • biking
  • listening to Christian, worship, slow rock,and alternative music
  • picture taking
  • eating pineapple. ripe mangoes, young coconut and guavas
and many more so start your list now ang develop ur sense of humor


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pobre kaayo ko anang sense of humor sa atubangan sa mga tawo.. ulawon man gyod kayo ko, mao tingali ganahan ko'g sabaan.. hehehe