Tuesday, November 27, 2007


  • Kon mo kaon kag pan gikan sa Tinong's Bakeshop mao ni ang mahitabo "once tasted always wanted"
  • Kon mo kaon kag Senior Pedro nga inasal nga manok mao gihapon"once tasted always wanted"
  • Kon mo suway sab daw ka ug sex mao sab ni ang mahitabo " once tasted always wanted"
  • Apan kon makatilaw ka sa kaayo sa Ginoo mao ni ang mahitabo " once tasted never wanted"
Tinuod ba ni? Jesus is consistent in loving us. He continues to love us even if we are unlovable, even if we don't deserve. His great love for us led to His death on the cross. The root principle of Christianity is that the word become flesh. That means if we are serious, our faith must be made flesh too. We all have good thoughts for others but if they do not lead us to fork over bread to hungry people or give clothing to a guy freezing then they are of no value. This is equal to people who kept on attending holy mass, praying the rosary, making the sign of the cross but not living their faith.

And sad to say I am one of them. Many look at me as morally superior or an enlightened being and this is obviously self-approving. However, I got a harden heart against the least of my suffering brothers and sisters who are in need.

Oh God help me to open my heart and extend my hands to those who need help. AMEN

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batang buotan said...

mao na nga dili na lang mosuway.. hehehe.. suway bitaw gihapon..