Saturday, October 27, 2007


I hear your hollow laughter, the sighs of secret pain

Pretending and inventing, just to hide your shame

Plastic smiles and faces, blinking back the tears

Empty friends and places, all magnify your fears


If you are tired and weary, weak and heavy laden

I can understand how it feels to be alone

I will take your burden if u let me love u

Wrap my arms around you; give your heart a home


It hurts to watch u struggle, and try so hard to win

But trade your precious birth right for candy-coated sin

Wasting precious moments, restless and confused

Building up defenses, for fear that you’ll be used



Take my yoke upon you, and walk ye by my side

Let me hear your heartaches, dry the tears you’ve cried

Never will I leave u, never turn away

Keep you through the darkness, lead you through the day


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