Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nalingaw kai ko sa basketball game sa Air 21 versus Alaska Acer. Acer 21 won by one point lead. I am not a fan of both teams pero as always dili gyud ko molaban sa Alaska kai known naman na sila nga maayo. Basta mo watch ko ug basketball unya magduwa ang Alaska ug ang lain nga team adto jud ko mo laban sa kontra sa Alaska. Jeffrey Cariaso is still reigning alive and kicking. His free throw tied the score to 99 with less than 50 seconds time left in the fourth quarter. Coach Tim Cone is really good. I am really sold out to the way he motivated his players. He is very composed, calm, confident and organized. I did not see any amount of frustrations, fears or dismayed reactions in his face. While Bo Perasol - head coach of Air 21 was really exhausted. I could see his uneasy appeareance, he seemd to have a hard time finding ways to counter the strategies used by their opponent. Ranidel De Ocampo of Air 21 became the best player of the game. However, Willy Miller of Alaska Acer should have been the best player had their team won the game. He played well and was able to lead their team to almost grab the win from Air 21. With the number of points, assists, rebounds and steals he made, he was really amazing. People commend him for showing a great diversified moves. The game was very lively because either of the teams within the third quarter will interchangeably maintained its two points lead. In the fourth quarter, Acer 21 team maintained a one point momentum lead. Although, I cheered for the Acer 21 team, I singled out Willy Miller of Alaska as my favorite player in that game. I really enjoyed the game even if i was the only one watching it.

By the way while i was having fun i forgot that there are fellow Filipinos who are grieving right now and let me pray for them ...........
(Dear Lord i pray for all the people in Manila whose lives are threatened with fears from unkown attackers, please give them special protection and guidance, keep them away from dangers. Send your holy angels and Saints to guard and protect them. Please block and destroy all the evil plans of the attackers, Keep the people in this country safe all the time. I especially pray for the innocent victims who died, may thier sins be forgiven and may they rest in peace, i pray for their bereaved families may they find healing and strength from loss, grief and death, I pray for the casualties of that phenomenon especially those who are in the hospitals right now, those grasping for life and those who are physically and psychologically wounded may they be able to carry thier pains and hurts with strength and faith in you. Please come to thier rescue and provide them with thier immediate needs. This i pray through Jesus Christ our Lord and through intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary our Mother, AMEN.)

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