Sunday, February 21, 2016


She was 80 years old at that time when she shared her love story. At the age of 13 she got a lover who was two years older than her. He was a son of a widow and selling of salt was their only means of living. She described their love as pure, deep and alluring. They had many plans for their future. They promise to be faithful to each other till death. Until suddenly their relationship was shaken. Another gentleman ask her hand from her parents. The man was described as nice. He was known to be hardworking and responsible. He belong to a well to do family who owned a wide farmland. Her parents admired the man very much and she heard that both parents of the party planned to arranged their marriage.

Heightened with so much fear she rush to her lover. She beg of him to present his love to her parents and asked her hand for marriage. She asked him to outdone the other guy's plan to take her. Exhausted with her news he cried and told her " I will love no one but you and I will die loving you only". In tears she replied, "Please do something, please help me. I do not want to live a lonely life married to the man I don't love". However, her true love never came. How could he asked her hand, he has nothing to offer. During the old days men were pressured to offer something in lieu of the woman they wanted to marry. They had to looked extravagant in suit, food, money, goods, properties and livestock to proved that they were worthy to become a husband and to proved their love to a woman. But her lover has nothing to offer except the love in his heart. His ego depreciated. He was so helpless that he lost his self-esteem. And those days happened to be the lowest moments of their lives.

Then a grand wedding took place. People are feasting, drinking and merrying. But two hearts are mourning. In the first few years of their marriage she never had joy in her heart. She didn't even find joy in bearing and rearing a child. She was so depressed and down. Despite that her husband was so good to her. He adored her, cared for her, love her, pampered and nurtured her. He sacrificed a lot for her. He even treated her like a queen. He do all the household chores and he didn't want her to work. He gave her all the glory and fame she deserved. They live with so much abundance in money, food, clothings and livestocks. They spend their entire married life living in Negros owning a hacienda.

Her true love died at the age of 26 that was ten years after she got married. She said that the man he truly love fulfilled his promised. He never fall for another woman. He died loving her alone.

This old tale was my grandmother's sibling's love story.

(i learned and realized a lot of things out from this)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's been awhile since my last post. I was kinda busy with my new life since I got married.  I transferred to a new place and it took me a year and a half before I could adjust to a new way of life. I was complaining about the traffic and the three rides I made each day. Pollution is also another problem. I got allergic rhinitis, dry skin and dull hair often.There are also times that I find difficulty getting a ride. The jeepneys are crowded with people and I am often caught in a raise with other passengers just to get a seat. The hassles and hurdles I experienced made me thought of my former home. I missed those days when I only made one ride going to work and going home. I missed the easy life I have had. Sometimes I dream of of getting a car so that I can drive home smoothly and get rid of inconvenience. I did even pray that God will blessed me financially so that I could purchased a second hand vehicle. Thanks to my husband who comforted me every time I get distressed and in tears of my stressful life. It takes time to adjust. It doesn't really happen over night. Adjustment is a long run process and I am very much thankful that I made it. So if it was possible for me, I don't think it would not to you.   Let me inspire you with this quote:

“We set goals or goals set us, a difficult question indeed to solve. Still to simplify, I recommend a walk towards the goal. If you reach the goal good enough! If you don't reach don't ever try to adjust the goals but feel free to adjust your action plans. I know it will work miracle.”
Manish Kathuria

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last Saturday was my parents 33 years wedding anniversary. The whole family attended a holy mass then we had our dinner at the famous local restaurant STK TA BAY. It was a wholesome evening, my brothers special someone and mine dined with us. Prior to that I already made a reservation which is good for nine people. These are the following food that I ordered:

Crispy Pata @ 320 per serving
Crispy Kangkong @ 90 per serving
Spicy and Non Spicy Calamaris @ 195 & 190 per serving
Tinolang Manok @ 145 per serving
Rice @ 50 per platter
1.5 Bottle of Coke and Sprite @ 60 per bottle

We really had fun at STK TA BAY. I highly recommend this restaurant here in Cebu.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


On the midnight of December 24, 2010 after their family rosary, the family had their noche buena. While everybody was busy eating, a light yellow butterfly with a combination of circle cream to light brown wings went inside their home and to everyone's surprise stayed in the room of the girl  for a few seconds. The father told everybody that something unusual is happening the butterfly went inside his daughter's room. The girl reacted that yellow means brighter future, happiness and joy. The following day, the girl together with her sisters visited the village chapel and while they were praying the rosary the same butterfly appeared and was clinging at the altar cover beside the girl. In her mind she wondered why that yellow butterfly has to appear in her presence and why circumstance would tell that somehow it is bringing a message for her. She did not bother to interpret the event not until another circumstance happened. Four days after that unusual and mysterious experience the girl receives a text message from a male-acquaintance whom she met at her best friend's wedding. The guy introduced himself and was serious in getting to know her. After ten days of communicating they finally met in person, became good friends and later on became lovers. The guy on the other hand said that human instinct dictates him to pursue her. That was when he saw her in the church he felt something pleasing and desirable about her. He prayed for signs asking God to bless his prayers with positive response.

The story above may tell that God do give signs and do sends messages to us. It is of human effort to get the message and work for the desirable interpretation of the signs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm a super pessimistic in the past. I worry a lot and make small stuff big. I do not know how to handle difficulties and problems. Had it be that I do not have a super optimistic father I could have gone to suicide hehhehehehe gosh just kidding, i honestly did not resorted to such. I'm enrolled in law school right now and mind you I'm not doing good with my studies. Law school is depressing because it kills almost all of your time studying and reading bulk materials (books and cases). It really subtracts my time for my family, my community, my friends, my work (shshshshhs) and myself. I did not have good long hour sleep, and my savings are sliced.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I was in Bohol last May 14-15, 2010. It was a short visit from Tubigon to Panglao but I had fun and adventure. We were suppose to go to Panglao as a group but my sister and her husband chose to go to Sagbayan Peak instead. So I traveled all by myself going to Panglao. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Tagbilaran then from Tagbilaran I rode a mini bus going to Panglao Beach, I reached the place within 30 minutes. Though it was quite far, I still enjoy the white sand beach under the heat of the sun. I stayed in the water for 30 minutes then had eaten Hawaiian Pizza and very cold Coke for my lunch. I showered then promptly go back to Tagbilaran. I cannot stay there for long otherwise I be short of budget. The room rates and the food are too expensive. I also want to catch the last trip for Tagbilaran City. When I arrived in the city, I explored Island Mall and I bought Bohol delicacies. After that shopping, I rode a van going back to Tubigon. Then I went to the pier to buy a ticket for Cebu ship travel. Wow I got home in Cebu on the 15th of May at 8:00 pm.
I actually appreciate Bohol because the people there live a very simple life. The place is really comparable to Cebu; peaceful, orderly and not so crowded. But this is what I noticed, of which men should discover themselves, there are a lot of beautiful typical Filipinas there. Most Boholanas that I encountered had sweet accommodating smile, brown skin and long black hair. Despite that experience I still love more my hometown, eka nga there's no place like home.